Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Joins the League of Pace-Setters in Fashion E-commerce Market

Nobody would have given Kate Hudson’s Fabletics a chance of being a pace-setter few years into the fashion industry, but today it is up there with the likes of Amazon. Despite the presence of Amazon, which control 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, Fabletics has been able to carve a place for itself in the industry growing a $250 million business in as few as
three years. Surely it has a secret formula because the feat is far from being accidental, it is a calculated accomplishment.

Fabletics did a close study of the industry and discovered some reasons many businesses were under-performing. Top on the list is show-rooming.Unknown to many companies they were only digging the grave of their businesses by encouraging show-rooming. Fabletics decided to do the opposite i.e. reverse show-rooming having put some strategies in place and the result is right before our faces today.

The idea of show-rooming centers on encouraging people to walk into offline stores and have a feel of items they like but move online to do the buying from competitors offering them at lower prices. Who lost at the end? The Offline Stores is the simple answer. In fact, some of them fold up in no time as there will be no revenue to keep the stores in operation. The solution is simple to do the opposite, reverse show-rooming, by putting in place strategies that will encourage people to search for items online then visit the physical stores to make purchases. This is the only way offline stores and companies that operate them can survive.

Some companies have tried toeing the reverse show-rooming path but failed. Fabletics success in implementing the reverse show-rooming idea hinges on its membership model structure that provide personalized service to customers as well as on-trend fashion at cut-prices, half as low as their competitors’.

Fabletics is now one of the most innovative fitness apparel firms. It outfits stand out in terms of quality and style. The owner, Kate Hudson and her managerial team were able to set up a monthly membership structure involving all its esteem customers. When I joined the Fabletics community, I opted for a VIP membership and till date I think it was a right decision; apart from paying just $25 for my first outfit, I enjoy attractive discounts when ordering my a la carte items. Even when I failed to put in an order all through a month, I continued without being penalized. The alluring thing of all is the monthly curated outfits I get for tokens; the price of a 2-3 piece outfit is often in the region $50.

I was given a survey upon becoming a member, which I later discovered was for my good as it provides the company with information regarding the workouts I do and the outfit styles I preferred. The company makes use of this information in picking new outfits and sending them to me for consideration every month. I ordered most of my best stylish and quality outfits in stylish through this medium.