End Citizens United And Their Campaign Finance Plans

End Citizens United is a traditional PAC that was created to help end the old campaign finance laws that are allowing big money into Washington. There are many people who are accused of buying government jobs, and they are going into government on the backs of their cash. This article explains how End Citizens United is fighting back against these people, looking to change the laws and hoping to stop the influx of cash into the nation’s Capitol. They will hope to end all PACs, and they will help ensure that everyone is one a level playing field.


#1: Changing The Laws


Changing the laws is important, and it is something that may be done quite easily when the legislature is convinced to make a change. The laws have been written in the past, and they have been used to help make a change to each campaign. The threat of change has seen quite a lot of pushback, and the laws have not made their way through. End Citizens United hopes to ensure that the laws are changed, and they will see their need end.


#2: Stopping Other PACs


They want to see other PACs stopped, and they will stop the need for special interests in Washington. There are many things that happen behind closed doors in Washington, and these items never reach the ears fo the public. The PAC is publishing news stories on social media, and they hope to educate the public in what is happening under their noses.


#3: Their Social Media Presence


The social media presence of End Citizens United is heavy, and they are posting on Twitter often. They will list a story every day about someone who is tied to big money, and they will cast light on a number of things that the public may not realize is going on. They will interact with the public, and they will help the public learn that things such as the election of Donald Trump has been manipulated by money.


#4: Their End Goal


They want to see an end to all things that put money into government for ill-gotten gains. They believe there are many people in government who do not belong there, and they wish to push back against anyone who does not understand. There are many people who are searching for more information about improper financing, and they will find it when they are reading about End Citizens United.


The PAC has set itself up as the expert in the field, and they will offer information to the public that is quite hard to ignore. Anyone who is reading their social medial or articles will learn what it takes to change government for the better.