Summarizing John Goullet’s IT Staffing Executive Career

Diversant, LLC is an important company in the US labor market, and thanks to its talent scouting and hiring services many large companies have been able to find great technicians for their IT department. One of the men at the heart of Diversant’s business endeavors is John Goullet, a longtime staffing executive accountant who constantly researches labor trends relating to the IT industry and lays out the vision for Diversant, LLC. He works closely with Gene Waddy, the company CEO who has been a proponent of bringing more minority graduates into the IT industry. Through initiatives such as the STAR and NOVA military veteran programs and visa sponsorship, Diversant is able to help these special groups find employment during transition periods and read full article.

John Goullet is based in New Jersey and got his bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. He started out working in various company IT departments as a computer technician and later became a chief IT consultant. But he then decided he wanted to build upon that and create a company that could save businesses a lot of time and money by providing the staffing services for them. John on Facebook, Goullet knew of others who had started staffing companies before him and believed with his IT knowledge he could also have a successful company.

In 1994 Goullet officially began Info Technologies. Info Technologies delivered exceptional results in their staffing services that in just 5 years the company became worth $30 million. Info Technologies also made Inc. magazine twice as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies. Goullet had become friends with Gene Waddy who also had started an IT staffing company, and after some consideration they decided to form a merger and name their new company Diversant, LLC in 2010.

Diversant has opened office buildings all across the US from New York to Los Angeles and are looking to continue growing. In addition to marketing to new IT job candidates, Diversant is also working with local schools and education groups to start college scholarships for young people. They also work closely with the New Jersey Tech Council and the Harlem Business Alliance and learn more about John.