Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt’s Endeavors to Become A Leader in Apprenticeship

Leadership and apprenticeship require training, experience, and expertise to become successful in any business industry and specialty. Young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is getting an early start receiving knowledge and experience working under the leadership of his father, David Howitt, CEO and Founder of Meriwether Group. He joined the management consulting firm as project manager after working for RFID Checkpoint as business strategy analyst. Sawyer also worked for KURE Juice in their customer service department learning the basics, structure, and fundamentals of customer relationship.

His plans is to build his own company and mentor to future entrepreneurs. At 17 years of age, young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt began receiving experience working as an intern, while at the same time pursuing his high school diploma. He obtained skills, such as, developing advanced data spreadsheets and presentations, meeting note taking, and filing. Howitt obtained understanding of businesses’ needs and its operations.

Sawyer Howitt is planning to attend Columbia University, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and finance. His most important endeavor is to follow the footprints of his father in becoming a successful entrepreneur. He’s contributing to the Meriwether Group serving as project manager, and helping start-ups and established companies accelerate.

Young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is one of youngest philanthropists to support causes for educational funding and women’s rights. He’s presently active in various local and national charitable non-profits. Sawyer helped to form and direct some of those organizations.

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