IDLife Offers Products For Individual Nutritional Needs

IDLife is a Frisco, Texas based health and wellness company offering products that provide customers with individualized nutrition solutions. Launched in 2014, under the leadership of CEO Logan Stout, the executive management team includes CEO Mark Bennett and CFO Joe O’Connor. Along with Stout, Bennett and O’Connor bring several decades of experience to their leadership roles.

People interested in IDLife can go to and take a free health assessment that will be used to provide them with a plan geared towards their individual needs. This plan is helpful to use while selecting items in the extensive product line. For example, customers may use their plan to help them in selecting products in the IDNutrition product line; which offers customers a customized vitamin program addressing specific vitamin deficiencies.

All IDLife products are gluten, soy and GMO free. Their wide range of products includes protein shakes, flavorful hydration mixes, nutritional bars for snacking, energy and protein boosting products, and weight management solutions. Parents will appreciate that IDLife offers an extensive kids line of products that support healthy choices.

IDLife’s mission of providing the highest quality products leading to a healthier life does not just focus on the inside. Their popular line of skin care products offers customers younger, smoother looking skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These fragrance free, hypoallergenic products are dermatologist approved.

Businesses and non-profits also benefit from IDLife’s product offerings. IDLife is unique in their industry in that they offer solutions to businesses that are looking for a corporate wellness program. Retail businesses benefit by selling IDLife products in their stores. Non-profits interested in fundraising opportunities can sell IDLife products at a discount.

CEO Logan Stout is an accomplished author, sought after speaker and philanthropist. He is also the CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. His own background in sports has led to a lifetime of focus on wellness and an understanding of the unique nutritional needs of everyone. The growth of IDLife and the programs offered are a direct reflection of Stout’s personal faith and business acumen.

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