Securus Technologies saves families thousands of dollars with video visitation

Families of the incarcerated were once required to travel to the institutions where their loved ones were locked up if they wanted any chance to ever see or visit face-to-face with their beloved family members. Among the many negative consequences of this was the reality that many families discovered that they needed to travel hundreds of miles away from their home town in order to visit their loved ones. This often meant that families, many of which were living below the poverty threshold, needed to spend more money than they had in order to have any chance to visit their incarcerated family members.


In practice, such circumstances often led to inmates serving out the entirety of their prison terms without ever seeing their family members once. Combined with the high cost of making telephone calls, this often led to inmates completely withdrawing into the prison milieu, leading to extreme habituation to the prison environment and eventual institutionalization. This meant that many prisoners had extreme difficulties reintegrating back into society, leading to higher recidivism rates and endangering society at large.


But with the advent of video visitation, at least some of these problems are being mitigated. Companies like Securus Technologies, one of the most prominent inmate communication service providers in the United States today, have developed highly innovative VoIP-based communications technology that forms the basis of high-tech video visitation solutions. Prisoners are able to visit with their loved ones, face-to-face, on high-definition displays and high-fidelity audio. This closely simulates the actual in-person visitation experience.


Family members themselves are also able to visit with their loved ones, without spending thousands of dollars in gas, lodging and food expenses. These people are typically able to access the video visitation platform from any mobile device, allowing instant and unlimited video visitation capabilities.

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