Lifeline Screening Promoting Early Treatment and Diagnosis

Lifeline Screening is a prevention and wellness company. The privately owned company was founded in 1993. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Lifeline offers screening services to the elderly people in the United States. The screening company was founded by Timothy Philips and Collin Scully. Lifeline also operates in the United Kingdom. Since its establishment, it has performed more than 8 million screenings. Some of the screening performed in the facility include blood screening, ultrasound scans, and electrocardiographs.

Some of the common diseases usually detected by the screenings include peripheral arterial disease (PAD), atrial fibrillation and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). The Better Business Bureau accredited Lifeline Screening in 1996 and has an A+ rating with BBB. For purposes of improving its services, Lifeline has partnered with several hospitals, insurance companies as well as organizations including Mission Hospital, Ameriplan, and the Heritage Health System among others. The hospitals have been used for patient care. Lifeline shares the screening results with doctors for the purposes of providing patients with better care.

The screenings at Lifeline require little preparation. The dressing on most occasions depends on the type of screening to be performed. Some screenings take shorts periods while others take long hours. In some instances, patients are required to fast for longer periods. Atrial fibrillation screening requires the patients to put on a two-piece outfit with a loose clothing. Patients are advised not to apply oil or lotion. For the abdominal aortic aneurysm and ankle-brachial index screenings, patients should also put on a two-piece outfit with loose clothing. However, for the ankle-brachial index patients should wear short-sleeved shirts. Patients going for glucose, complete lipid panel and 6 for the live package should fast for 12 hours prior to visiting Lifeline Screening for tests.

Screening has several benefits. Screening tests are often performed on people not feeling well. The tests assist in detecting the diseases during their early stages before the symptoms have started showing up. This gives patients the advantage of seeking early medication to curb the diseases before they worsen. The screening results are used to look for abnormalities in the body. Afterwards, other tests can be run to give the final diagnosis. Screening is also important in determining risk factors for certain illnesses. Many doctors are in favor of preventive health screening for cardiovascular diseases. They highly recommend the screenings to be conducted to patients with risk factors. These include patients with high blood pressure as well as those with over 55 years.

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