Private Airlines-Fagai’I Airport

For a region to develop, it must have proper infrastructures among them; transport. The government allocates funds for the development of such structures. With the presence of transport, the region is assured of healthy growth in other sectors and the country’s revenue raises. Some governments have left the transport industry to be developed by the private sector.

Fagali’i is a village located on the Island of Upolu, Samoa. The village is about 5 kilometers South-East of Apia, and it is in the electrical constituency of Vaimauga East. Vaimauga East is also in Tuamasaga District which is considered to be a political area. The village does not have a huge population, according to statistics and the census conducted in 2006, the area had a population of about 1571 people. The region has developed infrastructures including Royal Samoa Golf Course, and Fagai’I Airport. The airport is one of the private airports in the area and is owned and operated by Polynesia Airlines. The airport has grown tremendously with it being at one time a grass airstrip.


On July 2002, the airport was reopened. The Fagali’i airport was custom-built in 2005 due to some concerns from the villagers as well as the government. Some of the concerns included noise pollution and security of the villagers. The management of Polynesia Airlines officially launched the airport in 2009. The airport has flights to the United States, Pago Pago, and Samoa. The airport on did not open with a lot of ease; instead, there were a lot of critics from the government as well as some concerned groups due to some environmental factors as well as security issues. Several other private airlines also operate from Fagali’i Airport among them; Samoa Airlines, and Polynesia Airlines.

Fagai’I Airport is well located around hotels which serve as accommodations for visitors. The airlines also have private jets in case their clients need one and the bookings and the operations are available 24/7. Fagail’I also offers both short and long-term parking for customers with vehicles. The airlines operating from Fagali’I Airport offers the best discount throughout the year according to They have been encouraging their customers to save money by booking through Travelocity as they check on their discounts.

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