US Money Reserve Gives $100,000 In Support Of Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas gulf coast hard and inflicted billions of dollars in damages, but also took a heavy emotional toll on the survivors. While a full recovery may take years to undertake, many people have already responded well through fundraisers and gift drives. One company who was a part of that was US Money Reserve, an authorized seller of gold and silver. US Money Reserve pledged $100,000 to the hurricane relief efforts to match all such donations made through the YouCaring fundraising website. Not only did US Money Reserve follow through on that, the response to YouCaring’s page was overwhelmingly more than what they’d hoped for. Learn more:


US Money Reserve is a company you should get to know if you’re concerned about the direction of the US national debt. Many experts are predicting serious trouble ahead if the government keeps borrowing at the rate it is, and when that happens, everyone’s bank accounts and investments could be at risk. To minimize that risk, it’s advisable to invest in something that has been proven to withstand war and political turmoil and is recognized by experts as a safe haven for money. That something is gold, or silver if you prefer.


If you visit the US Money Reserve website, you’ll see some of the most comprehensive sets of coins and rare bullion. You can also find charts on the historic prices and landmarks for gold and silver, and find a wealth of information on why buying precious metals could be right for you. There are some risks involved with buying gold, so you may need to weigh the options of buying coins against buying gold bars. US Money Reserve aims to make the process understandable for everyone and you can trust the words of their numismatics experts.


Topping US Money Reserve’s list of experts is former public accountant and former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl made the Mint e-commerce friendly during his time there and increased sales for its nearly defunct commemorative coins department. Diehl has been a guest on several business networks such as CNN and CNBC, and he once suggested eliminating the minting of the penny. He also introduces US Money Reserve visitors to the gold transfer program so that they can learn how to secure their retirement with gold and diversify their portfolios. To get started buying gold or to see the free information kit, visit