Why Roberto Santiago is Brazils Most Prominent Investor

Roberto Santiago is an influential Brazilian investor. Now 58 years old, Santiago has lived a fulfilling life. This is because he has been active in accomplishing his goals. Fortunately, none of his efforts has gone down the drain. Many business persons look up to Santiago for investment ideas and as a source of motivation.

Santiago was born in Brazil, in Joao Pessoa. He studied finance at Pio-X-Marist College. Upon completion, he furthered his studies at the University of Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Like a majority of investors, he had a humble beginning. He worked at a small Café in Santa Rosa after completing school. His employment in Café Rosa played a huge role in his career. He learned the art of saving.

After saving for a while, Santiago commenced his entrepreneurship career with his cartonnage company. He manufactured cardboards from cartons for other businesses to use. Santiago considers his cartonnage venture, his beginning, and foundation of his successful journey.

In 1987, Santiago decided to venture into real estate. He bought a piece of land and built the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. Since its completion in 1989, the people of Joao Pessoa have fully embraced the mall.

The mall has 280 buildings, and this is why the occupants have branded the mall a small city. The mall has a food court, gaming arena, playing stations and for the candy lovers, some bars offer candy, popcorns, and drinks.

Then there is the Domus hall that Santiago launched in 2009.The Domus Hall is the biggest structure in Brazil. The mall accommodates 4000 seats and can also hold 10000 standing persons. The hall is divided into two, the upper stall that contain rooms for individuals who require privacy and the lower story that holds all public events.

For those who want to experience everything an actor feels, this is the only place to be. Domus Hall is well equipped with devices that make watching 3D movies exceptionally entertaining. They have a cinema page, where they post their program. That is the movie to be aired, time and buying of tickets.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has gained popularity in Joao Pessoa and the whole of Brazil. The people of Joao Pessoa enjoy shopping under one roof and entertainment as well.

Santiago also understands the importance of clients in his business. He has, therefore, cultivated a culture of excellent customer services. Clients are treated with respect and unmeasurable hospitality. Santiago has also ensured that his mall, is a safe place to be by employing the best security services.


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