Troy McQuagge’s Has Made Winning a Habit

The One Planet Awards are the Oscar awards of the business world. Everyone who plays a leadership role would like to win one. The awards recognize excellence in not only businesses but also in non-profit as well as civic jobs. Applicants from around the world are chosen, therefore, no matter where the person is located they can apply to One Planet Awards to be considered. This year one of the winners was Troy McQuagge, the CEO of US Health Group. For those who know him, the news did not come as a surprise.

Troy McQuagge son joined US Health group relatively recently, in 2010. As soon as he started working for the company, he went to work by first overhauling the captive distribution agency part of the company, called US Health Advisors. In fact, it was his success in this department that prompted the company to elect him as CEO of US Health Group. The company specializes in the individual health insurance market. Under Troy’s leadership, the company went on to be a leader of sorts, in this highly sought after market segment. Troy  feels that the award is not only for him but really a recognition for the company as a whole. He is pleased with the fact that US Health Advisors was able to address health care affordability issues plaguing regular people today. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at Daily Kos

Born and raised in Panama City, Florida, Troy Mcquagge graduated from Central Florida University with an Undergraduate degree. This was in 1983 and after leaving college he expected to climb the corporate ladder. He landed his first job with Allstate Insurance and never looked back. After working there for nearly ten years he joined United Insurance Companies Incorporated (UICI) and worked for the student department. Just two years later he became the head of UGA, a branch of UICI. As boss of UGA, he broke several sales records.

In fact, his success at this company cemented his position even after it was bought out by private equity investors. This happened in 2006 and not only did they not let Troy leave the company, they added more responsibilities for him by making him the manager of all sales the company was involved in. UICI at this point had changed its name to Health Markets Group or HM. As the boss of sales for HM, Troy oversaw the company exceed over $1 billion in yearly premium sales. He continued working for HM for nearly four years before moving on to join US Health Advisors, where he continues to show excellent leadership qualities.

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