Bob Reina: He Can Truly Help

A lot of people are known to talk about helping out others, but when the time comes for them to actually put their money where their mouth is, they come up empty. This is very distressing for a number of people as they have put their faith and trust in this individual or individuals. Now, they feel as they have been led to believe one thing and they have been told something else. That is why someone like Bob Reina is such a breath of fresh air in today’s society. He is an honest person and he goes above and beyond for people. Learn more:


The thing about Bob Reina is that he truly enjoys helping people with Talk Fusion, the video technology service. This is not something that is a hobby for him and it is not just a pastime. It is something that truly matters to him and something he is going to go above and beyond for when it comes to society. Talk Fusion is known for being the best at what they do which is video, voice, and data. This is something that is part of their fiber and part of their being. It truly comes out of every ounce and every inch of the company. Learn more here:


It has a trickle down effect over at Talk Fusion with each and every one of their employees. At Talk Fusion, they are all about making life better for their customers in whatever fashion they need it, as each person has a different story and each person has a different background. That is the beauty of the world we live in today, as no one person is the same and everyone has something to offer and something to share. The goal of Talk Fusion and Bob Reina is to bring it out of them and let the world see it. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is great at marketing and they are great at letting people know that someone else’s business is not only out there, but it is thriving. Talk Fusion lets them be heard, which is a powerful feeling for the owner of that business.


Eric Lefkofsky, Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is an American Entrepreneur from Michigan, USA. He created Tempus, an innovative technology company meant to enhance the way cancer patients are treated by their doctors. Tempus uses previous cancer patient data and case files to predict, synthesize and help provide better outcomes in patients. The company is in the biotechnology field which combines the best of both the digital and human world, and ultimately benefits the patient. As more and more data is gathered for cancer patients, Tempus becomes a more powerful operating system to fight cancer and more information click here.

In addition to battling cancer, Lefkofsky participates in a variety of philanthropic projects. Of these includes a project called “The Giving Pledge”, a gesture meant to encourage other successful, wealthy people to contribute to philanthropic causes. He has also formed a charity that benefits children. The Lefkofsky Foundation is a project that intends to create more organizations to benefit more people around the world. More than a hundred organizations have taken off since its original establishment.

Lefkofsky graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law school in 1993. In addition to a variety of different startups and projects, he is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, one of the fastest growing companies of all time. Google reportedly offered 6 billion for Groupon, which was turned down and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky’s experience in technology based businesses has led him to share his knowledge through his teaching at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His contributions to technological businesses, his philanthropic gestures and his experiences in entrepreneurship make him a unique voice in the ever-changing world of technology, business and company growth and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Finally, Lefkofsky’s use of social media shows him using it as another technological tool for the expansion of business, technological and philanthropic ideas. He seems to use social media to further his reach for supporting current organizations and for starting new ones. While his involvement in social media may seem distant to some, his tempered use of it shows that his kindness, intelligence and drive to succeed speak more than his words can.

Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries, A Winning Combination

Tony Petrello gained some internet notoriety recently when his annual compensation topped the charts of the nation’s best-paid CEOs. He should also be recognized for his successful leadership of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Nabors is an oil and gas firm that also does well servicing. Founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Nabors is now based in Bermuda and one of the world’s top leaders in its industry. Nabors also works with firms that conduct off-shore drilling and assists in their various operations and also supplies offshore rigs and drilling platforms.

Coming from humble beginnings, Tony Petrello left New Jersey to attend Yale University and then received his law degree from Harvard. He is remembered as a very hard worker and many of his peers referred to him as a mathematical genius. It was at Yale that Petrello pursued both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and many were surprised when he did not follow that path on to academia and learn more about Petrello.

Following law school, Petrello moved to New York City where he joined the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. It was from his position there as a Managing Partner that he resigned in order to join with the precursor of Nabors Industries. Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer. He became the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries in June of 2012. It is highly atypical in today’s corporate environment to have an executive, especially one that is at the helm of the enterprise, to serve for such a lengthy period of time and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Petrello has certainly enjoyed an effective and successful career at Nabors and he is expected to continue to have additional positive outcomes as he continues his duties there. Nabors is also a story of great longevity in an industry well known for its boom and bust performance cycles. The many ups and downs of the past decades have certainly had an effect on the firm’s performance, although it must be said that the company has weathered the storms quite well. Nabors and Petrello are definitely a winning combination worth knowing about and learning more about the continued success and more information click here.

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Bob Reina Believes In Family

Help is on the way is an expression that a lot of people use, although lately, some people are finding that quite hard to believe with everything that is going on in the world and especially when it comes to money. With Bob Reina, when he says that help is on the way, people can believe him and they can get behind him. They know he is going to offer his blood, sweat, and tears, which is exactly what he has done with Talk Fusion, a video communications company. This is a company that was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007, and they have been growing ever since then with video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences.Learn more :


A lot is changing in the world, but some of it is good. People now have the chance to work from home, which is a dream for a lot of people out there. They have the ability to live the kind of life they want to live without anyone holding them back or anyone telling them what to do or how they do it. They are in charge of their own lives and their own futures. It is a great feeling and it is one that is hard to describe unless someone is actively using Talk Fusion.Learn more :


Bob Reina put this together because he knew people out there were suffering, unhappy, and many were in a dark place overall. They felt as though there was nothing they could do and there was nowhere to turn. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have given them hope again, and hope is a powerful thing. They have hope that they can go out there and conquer the world and they can live out their dream. For many people, nothing is more important than spending time with family. That is of the utmost importance to them at the end of the day.


However, oftentimes, their job gets in the way and they miss events that simply can’t be replicated. Now, they can be there, front and center, smiling and be the person they have always known they could be in their lives.Learn more :



Summarizing John Goullet’s IT Staffing Executive Career

Diversant, LLC is an important company in the US labor market, and thanks to its talent scouting and hiring services many large companies have been able to find great technicians for their IT department. One of the men at the heart of Diversant’s business endeavors is John Goullet, a longtime staffing executive accountant who constantly researches labor trends relating to the IT industry and lays out the vision for Diversant, LLC. He works closely with Gene Waddy, the company CEO who has been a proponent of bringing more minority graduates into the IT industry. Through initiatives such as the STAR and NOVA military veteran programs and visa sponsorship, Diversant is able to help these special groups find employment during transition periods and read full article.

John Goullet is based in New Jersey and got his bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. He started out working in various company IT departments as a computer technician and later became a chief IT consultant. But he then decided he wanted to build upon that and create a company that could save businesses a lot of time and money by providing the staffing services for them. John on Facebook, Goullet knew of others who had started staffing companies before him and believed with his IT knowledge he could also have a successful company.

In 1994 Goullet officially began Info Technologies. Info Technologies delivered exceptional results in their staffing services that in just 5 years the company became worth $30 million. Info Technologies also made Inc. magazine twice as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies. Goullet had become friends with Gene Waddy who also had started an IT staffing company, and after some consideration they decided to form a merger and name their new company Diversant, LLC in 2010.

Diversant has opened office buildings all across the US from New York to Los Angeles and are looking to continue growing. In addition to marketing to new IT job candidates, Diversant is also working with local schools and education groups to start college scholarships for young people. They also work closely with the New Jersey Tech Council and the Harlem Business Alliance and learn more about John.

Former Atlanta Basketball Ownership Team Moves to Court to Demand Compensation from New Hampshire Insurance Company

New Hampshire Insurance Company faces impeachment charges filed by the former Atlanta Basketball management team following a breach of contract about settlement made by Danny Ferry. This lawsuit filed affects all former partners of AHBE excluding the new ownership group led by Tony Ressler.

This lawsuit commonly referred to as AIG is a civil action against New Hampshire Insurance Company for failure to honor the terms of the contract. Claims made by AHBE were that the group was insured against employment losses such as “Workplace Torts” and Wrongful Termination.” Based on the documents presented to the court by AHBE, a notice had been issued to AIG indicating that claims were assessed and covered by the policy.

In 2015, Ferry and Hawks agreed to end their contract through a buyout. The current owners of the team are aware of the lawsuit and do not wish to interfere with that matter. The amount to be paid to the complainant is confidential and enough to settle the lawsuit. However, in light of these findings, AIG still refuses to acknowledge the claim. In their defense, AIG claims that Mr. Ferry’s claims were not covered and, hence, they are not obligated to pay.

A closer look at Levenson’s life and contribution

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and former owner of an NBA team called Atlanta Hawks. Levenson attended Washington University and American University. He majored in law and started his career as a journalist with the Washington Star. In 1977, he created United Communications Group ( UCG is a communications company, which focuses on news, analysis of healthcare, telecommunications, energy, and mortgage banking. In 2004, Levenson and his partner, Ed Peskowitz, formed Atlanta Hawks LLC to purchase the NBA team from Turner Broadcasting. Levenson served as the manager of the team until 2014 reveals, when he decided to sell his shares.

Bruce Levenson serves as a board member for Tech Target. He served on other boards such as Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is also a philanthropist and supports Community Foundation of Washington D.C., Hoop Dreams Foundation, and ‘I Have a Dream Foundation.’