Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries, A Winning Combination

Tony Petrello gained some internet notoriety recently when his annual compensation topped the charts of the nation’s best-paid CEOs. He should also be recognized for his successful leadership of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Nabors is an oil and gas firm that also does well servicing. Founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Nabors is now based in Bermuda and one of the world’s top leaders in its industry. Nabors also works with firms that conduct off-shore drilling and assists in their various operations and also supplies offshore rigs and drilling platforms.

Coming from humble beginnings, Tony Petrello left New Jersey to attend Yale University and then received his law degree from Harvard. He is remembered as a very hard worker and many of his peers referred to him as a mathematical genius. It was at Yale that Petrello pursued both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and many were surprised when he did not follow that path on to academia and learn more about Petrello.

Following law school, Petrello moved to New York City where he joined the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. It was from his position there as a Managing Partner that he resigned in order to join with the precursor of Nabors Industries. Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer. He became the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries in June of 2012. It is highly atypical in today’s corporate environment to have an executive, especially one that is at the helm of the enterprise, to serve for such a lengthy period of time and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Petrello has certainly enjoyed an effective and successful career at Nabors and he is expected to continue to have additional positive outcomes as he continues his duties there. Nabors is also a story of great longevity in an industry well known for its boom and bust performance cycles. The many ups and downs of the past decades have certainly had an effect on the firm’s performance, although it must be said that the company has weathered the storms quite well. Nabors and Petrello are definitely a winning combination worth knowing about and learning more about the continued success and more information click here.

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Bob Reina Believes In Family

Help is on the way is an expression that a lot of people use, although lately, some people are finding that quite hard to believe with everything that is going on in the world and especially when it comes to money. With Bob Reina, when he says that help is on the way, people can believe him and they can get behind him. They know he is going to offer his blood, sweat, and tears, which is exactly what he has done with Talk Fusion, a video communications company. This is a company that was founded and created by Bob Reina back in 2007, and they have been growing ever since then with video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences.Learn more :


A lot is changing in the world, but some of it is good. People now have the chance to work from home, which is a dream for a lot of people out there. They have the ability to live the kind of life they want to live without anyone holding them back or anyone telling them what to do or how they do it. They are in charge of their own lives and their own futures. It is a great feeling and it is one that is hard to describe unless someone is actively using Talk Fusion.Learn more :


Bob Reina put this together because he knew people out there were suffering, unhappy, and many were in a dark place overall. They felt as though there was nothing they could do and there was nowhere to turn. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have given them hope again, and hope is a powerful thing. They have hope that they can go out there and conquer the world and they can live out their dream. For many people, nothing is more important than spending time with family. That is of the utmost importance to them at the end of the day.


However, oftentimes, their job gets in the way and they miss events that simply can’t be replicated. Now, they can be there, front and center, smiling and be the person they have always known they could be in their lives.Learn more :



Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt’s Endeavors to Become A Leader in Apprenticeship

Leadership and apprenticeship require training, experience, and expertise to become successful in any business industry and specialty. Young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is getting an early start receiving knowledge and experience working under the leadership of his father, David Howitt, CEO and Founder of Meriwether Group. He joined the management consulting firm as project manager after working for RFID Checkpoint as business strategy analyst. Sawyer also worked for KURE Juice in their customer service department learning the basics, structure, and fundamentals of customer relationship.

His plans is to build his own company and mentor to future entrepreneurs. At 17 years of age, young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt began receiving experience working as an intern, while at the same time pursuing his high school diploma. He obtained skills, such as, developing advanced data spreadsheets and presentations, meeting note taking, and filing. Howitt obtained understanding of businesses’ needs and its operations.

Sawyer Howitt is planning to attend Columbia University, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and finance. His most important endeavor is to follow the footprints of his father in becoming a successful entrepreneur. He’s contributing to the Meriwether Group serving as project manager, and helping start-ups and established companies accelerate.

Young entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is one of youngest philanthropists to support causes for educational funding and women’s rights. He’s presently active in various local and national charitable non-profits. Sawyer helped to form and direct some of those organizations.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The New Sheriff in Town

Thanks to people such as Eric Lefkofsky, the fight against cancer has become more effective. In recent years, cancer has become an ongoing battle in America. In fact, it remains as relevant as America’s fight against terrorism. With that being said, cancer does not discriminate. Each year, people from all walks of life succumb to the perils of having cancer. Fortunately, there remains a glimmer of hope. Around the clock, scientists and researchers work tirelessly to devise a cure that will save the lives of millions. Moreover, few people remain as dedicated as Eric Lefkofsky.

For those unaware, Eric Lefkosky remains a man of praise and honor. Not only did he create the insanely successful business Groupon, he also developed a company aimed at fighting cancer. Moreover, the name of the company remains Tempus. Due to Eric’s goal of bringing change to cancer patients, Tempus remains extremely inclusive regarding the latest trends in technology. Furthermore, the company created its own operating system to fight cancer. In addition, Eric Lefkofsky remains the founder of Lightbank. Lightbank remains an investment company rooted in disruptive technologies and learn more about Eric.

Although many people may wonder why Eric Lefkofsky delved into finding cures for cancer, the answer remains simple. Eric remains dedicated to finding a cure for his wife’s breast cancer. Therefore, she remains fighting for her life. In addition, Lefkofsky created a foundation in honor of her. The name of the foundation remains the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Also, Lefkofsky serves numerous positions at other cancer-fighting agencies. Moreover, Lefkofsky hails from an educated background.

Therefore, he possesses the credentials necessary to research and create cures for cancer. Moreover, Lefkofsky remains an esteemed graduate of the University of Michigan. In addition, he earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. Recently, Tempus provided details regarding their partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine. Moreover, the partnership remains focused on analyzing cancer patients and creating a treatment plan for them. Moreover, the company stated that they will analyze data retrieved from about 1,000 breast cancer patients. Therefore, they will know how cancer patients respond to their treatment.

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Summarizing John Goullet’s IT Staffing Executive Career

Diversant, LLC is an important company in the US labor market, and thanks to its talent scouting and hiring services many large companies have been able to find great technicians for their IT department. One of the men at the heart of Diversant’s business endeavors is John Goullet, a longtime staffing executive accountant who constantly researches labor trends relating to the IT industry and lays out the vision for Diversant, LLC. He works closely with Gene Waddy, the company CEO who has been a proponent of bringing more minority graduates into the IT industry. Through initiatives such as the STAR and NOVA military veteran programs and visa sponsorship, Diversant is able to help these special groups find employment during transition periods and read full article.

John Goullet is based in New Jersey and got his bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. He started out working in various company IT departments as a computer technician and later became a chief IT consultant. But he then decided he wanted to build upon that and create a company that could save businesses a lot of time and money by providing the staffing services for them. John on Facebook, Goullet knew of others who had started staffing companies before him and believed with his IT knowledge he could also have a successful company.

In 1994 Goullet officially began Info Technologies. Info Technologies delivered exceptional results in their staffing services that in just 5 years the company became worth $30 million. Info Technologies also made Inc. magazine twice as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies. Goullet had become friends with Gene Waddy who also had started an IT staffing company, and after some consideration they decided to form a merger and name their new company Diversant, LLC in 2010.

Diversant has opened office buildings all across the US from New York to Los Angeles and are looking to continue growing. In addition to marketing to new IT job candidates, Diversant is also working with local schools and education groups to start college scholarships for young people. They also work closely with the New Jersey Tech Council and the Harlem Business Alliance and learn more about John.

End Citizens United And Their Campaign Finance Plans

End Citizens United is a traditional PAC that was created to help end the old campaign finance laws that are allowing big money into Washington. There are many people who are accused of buying government jobs, and they are going into government on the backs of their cash. This article explains how End Citizens United is fighting back against these people, looking to change the laws and hoping to stop the influx of cash into the nation’s Capitol. They will hope to end all PACs, and they will help ensure that everyone is one a level playing field.


#1: Changing The Laws


Changing the laws is important, and it is something that may be done quite easily when the legislature is convinced to make a change. The laws have been written in the past, and they have been used to help make a change to each campaign. The threat of change has seen quite a lot of pushback, and the laws have not made their way through. End Citizens United hopes to ensure that the laws are changed, and they will see their need end.


#2: Stopping Other PACs


They want to see other PACs stopped, and they will stop the need for special interests in Washington. There are many things that happen behind closed doors in Washington, and these items never reach the ears fo the public. The PAC is publishing news stories on social media, and they hope to educate the public in what is happening under their noses.


#3: Their Social Media Presence


The social media presence of End Citizens United is heavy, and they are posting on Twitter often. They will list a story every day about someone who is tied to big money, and they will cast light on a number of things that the public may not realize is going on. They will interact with the public, and they will help the public learn that things such as the election of Donald Trump has been manipulated by money.


#4: Their End Goal


They want to see an end to all things that put money into government for ill-gotten gains. They believe there are many people in government who do not belong there, and they wish to push back against anyone who does not understand. There are many people who are searching for more information about improper financing, and they will find it when they are reading about End Citizens United.


The PAC has set itself up as the expert in the field, and they will offer information to the public that is quite hard to ignore. Anyone who is reading their social medial or articles will learn what it takes to change government for the better.


How CTRMA is dedicated to establishing Modern Road Networks

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is a self-governed body that was created to deal with the development of roads. It has been operational since 2002 and has been devoted to setting up reliable road systems for the Travis and Williamson. CTRMA has been using state-of-the-art technology in carrying out various physical planning and civil engineering projects across the two counties.

The firm is currently run as a private government body, and its administration comprises of seven board members. The general head of the organizations is an executive director, and the holder of the office has the role of ensuring that its employees offer excellent services.

CTRMA’s current executive director is known as Mike Heiligenstein. He has had a chance to work on various infrastructure development projects in the county and the city, and this has enabled him to acquire sufficient experience. Heiligenstein has had a successful term as the head of CTRMA. He has assisted the organization in establishing electronic and cashless payment programs in the road system of the regions.

‘The plan has played a significant role in increasing the income that the counties of Travis and Williamson generate from levies. The company uses most of the revenue that it collects in funding various construction programs that it runs. CTRMA has specialized in handling various transit services such as airports and seaports that are in the areas where it has the authority to operate. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is dedicating to ensuring that all the roads networks that are developed in the area have non-motorized transport systems. All the road networks that are established by CTRMA have great cycling lanes and footpaths that can be used by pedestrians. The company is dedicated to ensuring that expressways are built in all road networks.

According to Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA uses modern designs and construction methods in developing ways that are 100 percent efficient. The best technology should be utilized in establishing outstanding roads that can serve both pedestrians and different types of pedestrians. The new roads that are being developed should be able to accommodate digital vehicles.

CTRMA has designed top-notch parking lots that use less space. The newly constructed infrastructure will be essential in ensuring that the people of Central Texas are not affected by parking problems. The number of individuals who live in Central Texas has been increasing every year, and CTRMA is working to manage traffic by being keen on the future population projections.

The Lung Institute Is Helping Turn a Patient’s Illness into Health

It can almost seem like an understatement to say that illness is a troubling thing. There are quite a few bad things about it. And in line with this, there’s more than a few things which will continually trouble anyone suffering from chronic illness. But one of the most difficult parts of chronic disease knows that one’s own body is the source of the problem. Most chronic illnesses have an element of internal conflict about them. It’s not simply internal damage, it’s the body escalating the problem through difficult to manage symptoms. For example, many people with lung conditions will cough uncontrollably throughout the day. This often isn’t so much the direct fault of illness as it is the body’s futile attempt to rid itself of the problem. Knowing that one’s own body is part of what’s making someone feel terrible can be as rough as the illness itself.

But some medical facilities are finding a way to turn that entire idea around. In particular, the Lung Institute in the Baylor College of Medicine in Tampa has developed a way of turning patient’s bodies into their best ally. The new treatment is showing some life changing results. This might seem rather confusing at first. But while it’s technically complex, it’s easy to understand on a basic level. The main tool being used is something known as stem cells. These are the basic building block for all of the complex structures within the body. The heart and lungs, for example, might not seem like they have a lot in common. But both are the end result of stem cells growing into a required biological framework.

The Lung Institute has used this idea to turn a small blood or bone marrow sample from patients into a stem cell based medicine. This medicine can then be introduced into the patient’s own body. The stem cells are then delivered right into the areas of the lungs which need them the most. What’s most amazing is that it turns a patient’s own body into the medicine he or she needs. It’s effective from a physical perspective. But it’s just as important that it helps patients feel like their body is on their side again. They’re fighting with their body instead of against it.

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US Money Reserve website update

On February 24, 2016 the US Money Reserve announced that they had improved their online face of their company. They have added improvements to reflect their reputation of being a leader in the gold and other precious metal industry. They have done a complete overhaul of their online marketplace. They have added new photography to the page that showcases their current president Philip Diehl. They have also added new pictures of their coins. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

The website is now fulling interactive which will allow for all content to show across all platforms. The system will now allow interaction between staff and clients alike. Creative director and brand vice president, Ryan Buchanan, kept watch over the design and also added new applications and features that would allow for the client to learn as they make their purchases.

The website allows live and competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars. The US Money Reserve is also offering PCGS certified coins along with other exclusive products for those dedicated purchasers. There is also a large Knowledge base for the consumers to peruse for up to the minute information on coin minting, grading and purchasing. The Full Headline Gold News Room provides all updates on the precious metal market.


The website now provide what is called the Client-Connect Advantage which will allow connection between the US Money Reserve and their clients for one to one consults, special offline releases, any type of purchase assistance, and secure offline transactions.

According to Crunchbase, one of the greatest features is the US Money Reserve’s BuyBack guarantee. It is the industry’s best return policy offering full refunds on certified orders with the current market value if with 30 days of purchase. They offer lightening fast insured shipping methods. The Gold Standard IRA is a new program that is offered.

Founded in 2001, The US Money Reserve is now one of the largest private marketplaces for precious metals as legal tender products.

With more than hundreds of thousands of customers relying on them to diversify their assets with precious metals, they have become the industry go to for these metals. They have a trained team that completes research on each coin and they have the utmost knowledge of the product that they are selling.

That coupled with their superb customer service is creating an atmosphere for long lasting relationship between both the Reserve and its clients. The US Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas

Karl Heideck Leads The Litigation Bar In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck helps his clients understand the litigation process
Karl Heideck explains litigation

Litigation attorneys provide important legal representation to businesses, organizations, and individuals in the United States. Litigation attorneys can be found in a number of different areas, including:

* private law firms
* governmental agencies
* businesses
* organizations

When it comes to law firms, there are large attorney groups that maintain separate litigation departments. At the other end of the spectrum, there are smaller, boutique firms that specialize in litigation.

Litigation attorneys represent clients involved in lawsuits. Litigators are skilled in courtroom practice. They are also responsible for preparing lawsuit related documents, which in the civil justice system are known as pleadings.

Litigation attorneys also tend to focus on specific areas of the law. For example, there litigation attorneys that practice in the personal injury arena while others represent clients in business law disputes.

A litigation attorney typically starts laying the groundwork for a specific career as a litigator while still in law school. While a student, a future litigator is apt to take a core set of courses that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice.

In many instances, a newly graduated law student, recently licensed as a lawyer, will take a position of employment with a prosecuting attorney. Although a different aspect of the judicial system, a job with a prosecutor offers a budding litigator with a good amount of courtroom experience.

Karl Heideck is a respected litigation lawyer who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a litigator, Heideck represents individuals, businesses, and organizations.

In addition to his practice as a litigation attorney, Heideck also represents clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management. Karl Heideck also practices in the areas of products liability, employment, and commercial law.

Heideck graduated from the Temple University School of Law. He attended Swarthmore for undergraduate studies, where he majored in English language and literature.

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